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ul.Rybnicka 47
PL-47-400 Racibórz

 Tel:+48 32 414 76 71
Fax: +48 32 414 76 70



NIP(VAT): PL6391917615
REGON: 240688335




  Shore Durometer

     Thickness Gauge

   LEEB Hardness Tester

   WEBSTER Hardness Tester

   IRHD micro Hardness Tester
   BARCOL Hardness Tester
  CONCRET Hardness Tester
   COATING Hardness Tester


  DIGITAL Endoscope

  INSPECTION Videoscope





09 -12 Maj

Stuttgart / Germany





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Odwiedzając lub korzystając
ze strony internetowej firmy
(measuring instruments)
akceptujecie Państwo
poniższe warunki z jej korzystania.

Wszystkie teksty, zdjęcia, materiały graficzne oraz wszelkie inne informacje
jak i ich postać (zawartość, treść) podlegają prawnej ochronie praw autorskich.
Wyłączne prawo do korzystania z wymienionych wyżej treści posiada
MC Group.

Reprodukcja lub powielanie całości lub części jest dozwolone tylko za pisemną zgodą

MC Group

W szczególności
niedozwolone jest kopiowanie zdjęć i tekstów ze strony internetowej.




DKD Deutsher Kalibrierdienst Deutscher Kalibrierdienst - German Calibration Service. Permanent laboratory and on-site calibration. We are now at the German Calibration in the field of material check machines.

our company team speaks German, English, Czech and Russian. We look forward to hearing you

Politechnika Częstochowska

 max:control (measuring instruments) is a company operating in Poland, engaged in the production and distribution of any device of measurement and control techniques. The company also has its branches in the Czech Republic and Germany. Together with the ring of friends companies in Germany and elsewhere in the world offer only proven, accurate and reliable instruments for measuring a variety of industries, science and more. In a relatively short time of existence on the Polish market, the company has achieved one of the leading positions in the field of measurement.

Read more...                                                                     We invite you to get acquainted with our offer.




Inquiries regarding the instruments for measuring, please contact under the phone number: 032/414-76-71 or:

Inquiries regarding the instruments for measuring, please contact under the phone number: 032/414-76-71 or:


All products offered by the max: control have the necessary certification by the ISO and a full technical instructions. The certificate of calibration (Certificat of calibration) is usually a document and an optional consideration. Some may have a certificate only to the standard calibration (test block), and some for the entire instrument - it depends on the nature of the instrument.

max:control (measuring instruments) on a regular basis to update the information contained on the site, but it does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the information presented on the site. At the same time, reserves the right to make changes to some or all of the service without notice. In the event of any failure on our site, please contact us. E-mail: